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Children's Water Bottles
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Children's easy access to drinking water is a necessity in today's schools and there is no better way to achieve this by each child having a water bottle.

At Plumbex we provide the highest quality bottles, BPA free and with unique one-way valved technology that prevents flow back into the bottle.

We offer flexibility with a choice of bottle sizes, cap colours and low minimum orders at a fixed low price.
•One-way valve technology that prevents cross-contamination as it stops flow back into the bottle

•Prevents spills and drips. Pressure is required either by suction or squeezing of the bottle to allow fluid flow

•No push-pull mechanism, avoids potential snagging of lips or putting unnecessary strain on young teeth

•Anti-slip "Grip Points"

•Manufactured in highest quality "food grade" LDPE plastic

•BPA Free

Mix and match size and cap colour
Our bottles come in two sizes, 300 ml and 500 ml with the smaller bottles more suitable for the younger children
Bottles come with a name section on one side suitable for a marker pen and our "Drinking Helps Thinking" logo on the reverse

There are also 7 cap colours to choose from which can be used to represent year groups or houses
Minimum order: 10

Mix and match size and cap colour

Delivery charges: Up to 200: 10,  210 to 500: 17, 510+: 25
99p per bottle
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