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Filtered Water Systems
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Providing children with access to quality drinking water is made easy with a filtered water system installed in the classroom.

The dedicated filter tap, ideal for filling bottles is fitted over the sink. The water is dispensed by simply pressing on the lever and, as the tap overhangs the sink, there is no mess as experienced with water coolers in corridors.

A  filter is connected between the mains supply and the tap ensuring chlorine free, fresh tasting water and is replaced annually.

Filtered Water System
Filtered drinking water labels are provided free
of charge


If the supply to the classroom is from a tank and as such the water is not drinkable we can run a small cable to the nearest mains point.

Cabling where tank fed water is present
Filter replaced annually
Complete system including installation
19.00 plus vat
30.00 plus vat
95.00 plus vat