Children's Water Bottles

Children's easy access to drinking water is a necessity in today's schools and there is no better way to achieve this by each child having a water bottle.

At Plumbex we provide the highest quality bottles, BPA free and with unique one-way valved technology that prevents flow back into the bottle.

We offer flexibility with a choice of bottle sizes, cap colours and no minimum orders at a fixed low price.

Our bottles come in two sizes, 300 ml and 500 ml with the smaller bottles more suitable for the younger children.

Bottles come with a name section on one side suitable for a marker pen and our "Drinking Helps Thinking" logo on the reverse.

Mix and match size and cap colour. There are 7 cap colours to choose from which can be used to represent year groups or houses.
per bottle
300ml and 500ml
7 cap colours: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, White and Pink
Can mix and match bottle sizes and cap colours
Delivery charges: Up to 200: £10,  210 to 500: £17, 510+: £25
All pricing plus VAT
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